11 Best Gifts For Drummers in 2023 That They’ll ACTUALLY Want

These are the best gifts for drummers that they’ll actually appreciate (and use)

Musicians are fussy in general. But drummers are REALLY fussy when it comes to repping their favourite drum brand merchandise. Get it wrong and the gift will make its way back to the returns department faster than a 4-to-the-floor count. Yes, it’s hard to shop for the drummer in your life if you’re on a budget. So we made it easy by rounding up 11 of the best gifts for drummers in 2023 that they’ll actually want.

Whether you’re shopping for clothes or some cool drum accessories that won’t break the bank, we’ve got some great ideas for you.

1. Zildjian Classic Black Logo T-Shirt (£24.99)

zildjian official t-shirt gifts for drummers

Let’s be honest here. Every drummer needs a stylish Zildjian Classic Black Logo T-Shirt in their wardrobe. It’s soft, lightweight, and comfortable to wear, perfect for drumming gigs or casual wear. Plus it gives them a chance to rep their favourite brand. Be advised though…make sure this is a brand they use! Don’t like black? We have plenty of other colours as well as kids’ Zildjian t-shirts and women’s fitted tees too!

2. Limited Edition Zildjian Varsity Jacket (£89.00)

Limited Edition Zildjian Varsity Jacket - gifts for drummers.jpg

This is the best way to upgrade your drummer friend’s wardrobe with the Limited Edition Zildjian Varsity Jacket. Made from durable nylon and featuring a snap-front closure, this jacket is perfect for colder days or absolutely sweating your head off onstage – while still looking cool. The tasteful Zildjian logo on the chest and gold woven Z patch make this jacket truly unique and stylish and it’s easily one of the best gifts for drummers we’ve seen, direct from the official Zildjian merch catalogue of 2023.

3. Zildjian Camo 7 Panel Trucker Hat (£32.99)

zildjian trucker hat camo

Trucker caps are back in style, and this one is incredibly cool.

The Zildjian Camo 7 Panel Trucker Hat is a modern take on a classic trucker hat that won’t fall off when you’re thrashing out a drum solo. It’s breathable, stylish and will make your drummer friend stand out from the crowd – well, technically blend in, because you know…camouflage. It’s also 100% official Zildjian merchandise, so you’ll get no complaints from your drummer friends!

4. Zildjian Grey Flap Black Laptop Backpack (£89.00)


This Zildjian Grey Flap Black Laptop Backpack is perfect for drummers who are always on the go. It’s lightweight, roomy, and includes an interior padded laptop pocket, side zippered expandable mesh pockets, and a drumstick pocket on the front. The reflective strip on the front makes it easy to find in dark stages or backseats where stuff ALWAYS gets lost. In my experience, the drummer always has the most stuff to carry, and they’re usually the person who produces or records the tracks, so they need a reliable laptop bag that they can fit their drumsticks in, an audio interface and laptop – this is one of the best drummer accessory options we’ve seen.

This is actually one of the best gifts for drummers as they can fit all the important stuff in one bag, and use it for laptops and other stuff when the gig is finished.

5. Zildjian Cymbal Mouse Pad (£13.99)

zildjian mouse mat - gifts for drummers.jpg

Looking for a fun and practical gift for your drummer friend? The Zildjian Cymbal Mouse Pad is a perfect gift! It features a realistic cymbal design on a smooth top with a skid-free padded backing, providing excellent control and smooth gliding whether you’re working from home, finishing up your mixing session or streaming on Twitch.

Drummers love some cool merch to remind others that they play drums!

6. Zildjian Cymbal Clock 13″ (£129.00)

Zildjian drum clock Cymbal Clock 13"

Keep time in style with the 13″ Zildjian Cymbal Clock – get it? This is a unique and functional gift that will look great in any drummer’s practice space or studio. And who knows it might actually help them keep time… I’ll let you make that joke.

If you need a borthday gift for the drummer in your life, or a Christmas gift for drummers – this is a perfect optiopn that won’t break the bank, but will certainly look cool in any home office!

7. Tama Official Pullover Hoodie (£38.00)

tama official pullover hoodie - gift for drummer.jpg

The Tama Official Pullover Hoodie is a great way for drummers to show off their loyalty to one of the best drum brands in the world. It’s stylish, comfortable, from the official Tama merchandise product catalogue and features a white Tama logo on the chest. Girlfriends rejoice – you can steal this one when they’re not looking!

8. Tama Multi-Tool (£16.99)

tama drum multi tool - a great cheap gift for drummers

Every drummer needs a good set of tools to keep their kit in top shape when things need repairing or tightening – and drums need tightening A LOT. The Tama Multi-Tool is compact and convenient, housing an array of useful tools every drummer should have in their kit bag. This is a gift that drummers will definitely appreciate and get a lot of use out of.

9.Tama Official Mug (£11.99)

tama drums-coffee tea mug.jpg

The Tama Official Stoneware Mug/Coffee Cup is perfect for your drummer friend who loves coffee, tea or OTHER beverages onstage. It’s high-quality, microwave, and dishwasher safe, and features a white Tama logo so everyone at home or in the office will know who owns it.

10. Chrome Drum Key w/Zildjian Trademark (£12.99)

zildjian chrome plated drum key

The Chrome Drum Key with Zildjian Trademark is an absolute necessity. Drummers lose drum keys at the same rate guitarists lose plectrums  so they’ll appreciate more of these anytime. Featuring an engraved Avedis Zildjian Company trademark logo and made of Die Cast Chrome, it’s perfect for any drummer who wants to tighten up skins mid set and before practice…again, which they do, a lot.

Seriously, why do they need to tighten their skins so much? I always ask my drummer this and never get an answer…

11. Zildjian Black Barstool 30″ (£119.00)

Zildjian Black Barstool 30"

The Zildjian Black Barstool is a high-quality and stylish gift for your drummer friend or family member and it makes a great Christmas gift or Birthday gift as it’s actually really useful. It’s made of heavy-gauge 1″ tubular steel with a powder-coated finish and features a Zildjian logo, 360 swivel and non-slip rubber feet.

No, it’s not a good idea to use it as a drum stool, but it’s great for home offices, around the home or in the studio. They sit down all the time anyway, so get them something that’s comfy, at least!

In conclusion, finding the perfect gift for a drummer can be a challenging task, but it doesn’t have to be. By selecting a gift that is both useful and cool, you can ensure that your drummer friend or family member will appreciate and cherish it for years to come.

The gifts suggested in this article are not only practical but also designed to enhance the drummer’s skill set and performance whilst showing them that you see and appreciate them.

We all love repping our favourite brand, and official Tama merchandise or Zildjian merchandise is a great way to do it.

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