About Us

Who are we?

Music Merch Store is a company that delivers high quality Music Merch, not only to musicians but also fans of music and the bands and brands therein…

Why do musicians love wearing brand logo merchandise?

It gets us closer to the music. It helps us connect with the music community and says “I too, value good quality gear”. It’s also like a secret handshake at gigs subtly signalling that “Yep, I’m a drummer/guitarist too, dude!”.

For guitarists, that might mean sporting a cool T-shirt or hoodie from Laney, showing that you value world-class, uncompromising tone from your amps – that you take your sound seriously. Or for drummers, it could be showing your support with a drummer-themed T-shirt from Zildjian.

What’s more, wearing your favourite music instrument brand merchandise is also a great way to show off your musical skills and passion to the world. It can also be a great gift for people with a musician in their lives.

Check out the 100% official and totally awesome music merchandise from Laney, Zildjian Tama and Ibanez.